Wishlist 2


I had loads of fun making up my previous one so I decided to bust out another post! This wishlist is strangely fall related, but the rainy weather today excuses that 🙂 This time I still wanted to focus on some classics but added in a few guilty splurges like the crop top,  jewellery and the red dress.

(left to right)

  1. ruby stud earrings
  2. grey bodysuit
  3. bronze heels
  4. plaid plunge blouse
  5. gold snake ring
  6. blue denim a-line skirt
  7. leather leggings
  8. grey cardigan
  9. grey overalls
  10. red pleated a-line skirt
  11. grey sweat pants
  12. black plunge crop top

What are your current favourites?

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Wishlist #1

It’s been a while since I had a closet revival, so my mind wandered towards these classics which I don’t have.

Left to right

  1. wrap envelope skirt
  2. blazer
  3. cropped leather jacket
  4. boyfriend jeans
  5. high waisted shorts
  6. v-neck white tee
  7. cap (spring/summer hat)
  8. beret (winter/autumn hat)
  9. metal frame dorky glasses
  10. black sunglasses
  11. black tote bag
  12. black ankle boots


What fashion item/s have you been obsessing over this season?

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5 YouTube channels to get your mind off things

Ever since the election, my mind hasn’t been the same since. If you’re currently stressing from exams or worries and need to get your mind off things, these channels help me loads!

Game Theory

MatPat’s energetic voice and his editor’s spectacular work make it such an informative yet thrilling experience to watch! If you’re into stirring up fan theories about games such as FNAF, Mario, Minecraft and more based on scientific and historical research- this is the perfect channel for you! I’m not completely into games, but after every episode I always learn something new about the world and make a note to myself to play the games he theorises about.


Michael Stevens is truly one of a kind. If you haven’t discovered him yet, he talks about a lot of science and history to answer the most burning questions, such as “Is it okay to touch Mars?” and “Would headlights work at light speed?”. What I love about him is that he drifts from the topic throughout the video while also answering the questions the best he could- so you get to learn a lot more than you figured you would! He’s so amazing at what he does, everytime I watch a video from him it always leaves me inspired!


This adorable shouty man never fails to liven me up when I’m down. Sean plays such unique and interesting games that I’m completely immersed during the gameplay. He has a really funny personality which keeps you coming back and you should definitely check out one of his playthroughs!

Nostalgia Critic

I found this channel recently and I swear, it’s one I keep coming back to. Nostalgia Critic reviews classic films such as “Independence Day” or “Jurassic Park” and not only exposes the repetitive tropes and cliches films use, but does it in such a funny manner I can’t help but laugh and make a note to watch that film. I strongly recommend watching him review the Shyamalan films!


If you’re looking for your daily dose of randomness, GMM has got you hooked. Their videos change every day and range from “Will it Smoothie?” to “Weirdest Sounds on The Planet”. Their videos never fail to make me laugh and the GMM crew don’t deserve enough credit for their amazing work in putting the show together.

And that’s it! Have you seen these channels before? What is your favourite channel to unwind?

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Favourite Pieces: Daya By Zendaya Collection

When I heard Zendaya was releasing a plus size inclusive, reasonably priced clothing line I knew I had to check it out! The collection is true to Zendaya’s style- luxe, rebellious and eye catching all in itself. I quickly hopped onto the website and found myself in a literal fashion dreamland. Some were a bit too extreme for my taste, but some where just too perfect to scroll over! So without further ado, here are my favourite picks so far!

Cropped Tuxedo Blazer


This minimalist classic blazer was something I could not simply pass up. Looks so smooth, I could rub my face against the satin-like lapels! I also really like the look of the vinyl pants as shown in the picture, but I’m not entirely sure they’d be functional.

Scuba Lace Up Dress


I love contemporary takes on mini dresses and this takes the cake. Zendaya’s designs are so unique and this is no exception, I’ve never seen a dress with lace ups on the sides! So avant-garde!

Tuxedo Romper


I’ve seen tuxedo dresses, but a romper is even better- functionality of course! Menswear inspired is a trend I’ve been loving so far, and the unique pocket and set of buttons makes the piece so alluring to look at! It’d look so cute for a night out with a pair of pumps and a red lip!

Velvet Blazer


Velvet is back with full force and I’m LOVING it. The re-modelling of a wardrobe classic with a luxe velvet fabric is a brilliant idea! I also really love the velvet pants that go with this blazer so check that out too.

Vinyl Bustier Dress


As you can tell from my latest 80’s fashion appreciation post, vinyl is my addiction, and anything bustier is my new best friend. Not only is it above the knee so it’s great for petites, it’s down right sexy and would look gorgeous on a night out!

Lace Bodysuit


Last but not least, this lace body suit slays my existence. Body suits are my new obsession as well, it’s just so functional- you don’t have to tuck shirts in anymore, and it gives a effortless tailored look! It’s sheer and daring, but the long flared sleeves keep it elegant.


Overall, it was an amazing sight to behold and I can’t wait for more designs from Zendaya! Her style has this modern elegance meets avant-garde and I can’t get enough. It’s amazing that a celebrity such as her is so inclusive through out her brand, I was pleasantly surprised to see a mixture of black, white and asian models on the site! The inclusive plus sizing is fantastic and once again, the prices are reasonable- if I could, I’d definitely purchase at least one piece. Love her and this collection to bits!

Will you be checking out her collection?

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5 Personal Spring Looks

Since I have more time to myself post HSC, I thought I’d take up fashion posts revolving around my own photography again- so get ready for more OOTD posts! For this post, I wanted to make a Spring look book with my favorite pieces I frequently wear during the Spring to Summer transition. So without further ado, here we go!


The Fancy Look

If I’m heading out for an event which requires a bit more of a smarter dress code, this floral body con is my go-to. I remembering buying it from a Forever New last year in a sale and it fits me like a glove! I love the collation of the colourful flowers which makes it look so feminine yet fresh and modern.


Cute Casual

I love the rich redness of this dress. It’s more dressier than a look I would typically wear, but the elastic waistband and buttons on the wrists make it a bit casual. I love the layers of the dress and the frilly details, spinning around in it is awesome!



Really Casual Fam

If it’s a really hot day, I go all Summer and wear a crumpled sun dress or slip on a crop top and denim shorts. I don’t bother ironing it because I feel the creases make it look more unpremeditated, like I just slipped it on. I’ve also seen a cute look Selena Gomez has done in which she zips up denim jeans but unbuttons it to make it look more casual, but I doubt I’d be wearing that outside without my mum scolding me haha!



Cold Spring

Sometimes the weather starts acting up and the air gets colder, so I slip on my 1/4 animal print sleeve dress. It fits my body really well and is pretty simple aside from the sleeve.

So that’s it for today! What spring looks have you been wearing lately? Flower crowns, boho tops… you tell me!

Have a great day and I’ll see you next time!

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How To Dress for Petites

To be considered petite, you should be under 160cm. That’s it. No matter how curvy or skinny you are, that is what petite means. I recently discovered I was petite, and to be honest I was a little dismayed. Since most styles were for taller people, I thought I’d already lost. However, I did a bit of research and discovered the styles I already liked were already petite friendly!

So without further ado, here are petite styling tips that may help you.



  • boyfriend jeans
  • skinny jeans
  • tailored pants
  • leggings
  • boot cut jeans
  • high waisted pants



  • mini skirts
  • midi skirts (on the knee, avoid the shin area)
  • maxi skirts should hit at the ankle
  • high waisted skirts
  • sheer skirts



  • fitted and tailored, avoid baggy and oversized
  • shoulder seams should fall on shoulders correctly
  • v- neck or low scoop neck
  • three quarter sleeves
  • tops should fall at the hips at most



  • top bun
  • voluminous ponytail
  • bob/lobs



  • unbuttoned cardigans and jackets
  • simple detailing
  • think less bulkiness



  • sheath/column dresses make you taller
  • a-line is always flattering
  • body-con dresses are more tailored and tighter
  • leg split styles make you look less overwhelming in maxi dresses



  • heels except for wedges
  • sandals/light flats
  • light sneakers
  • mary jane straps over feet instead of over ankles
  • bare legs- nude shoes, dark jeans- dark shoes (techniques to lengthen the legs)
  • boots just below or over knee
  • platform block heels are okay, but go easy on the detailing- a thicker heel can look heavy and overwhelming.



  • long draping accessories (long scarves, long necklaces, long tie)
  • think more minimalist than blocky/statement
  • opt for small clutches and bags instead of over-sized bags
  • narrower belts look less overwhelming than thicker belts

Styling Tips

  • Don’t feel constricted with these tips. Think balance: if you want to wear statement necklaces, make your whole outfit simple. If you want to wear a baggy/thick sweater, make your bottoms tighter. You can always break the rules of petite fashion while still not looking overwhelmed if you use the rule of balance!
  • For patterns, try opting for solid colours, small patterns (no bigger than your fist) and light detailing.
  • A great combination is a crop top and high waisted pants– it shortens the torso but lengthens the legs dramatically.
  • Lengths of bottom pieces should go like this- above the knee, up to the knee, or to ankle.
  • Avoid contrasting tops and bottoms which awkwardly cut your frame in half (e.g. blue top and yellow bottoms, red tops and green bottoms), choose tops and bottoms that are close in colour range and less contrasting (e.g. black and grey, blue and green, white and pink).
  • Vertical lines do wonders for your length.
  • Layers are fun, but try not swamping your body with it. If your layers are thick, opt for one or two layers, if your layers are thin, opt for three or four layers.
  • Avoid boxyness.
  • A tip which helped me is ‘de-cutifying‘ your style. As a petite, I struggled with loving feminine details but the problem I had was people calling me ‘cute’ or guessing I was younger than my actual age which wasn’t my ideal goal. So what I would suggest is not going overboard with feminine details, by contrasting a bow blouse and a leather skirt for example. Selecting only one feminine detail allows you to look charming while avoiding the while’cute’ aesthetic. If you love the girly cute style and don’t mind people calling you ‘cute’, that’s cool! Embrace it! Fashion is ultimately about self expression.
  • Finally the final tip I have is, if you don’t mind looking short in stature and disagree with all of these rules, that’s okay! What I love about these tips if you can always twist the rules by thinking balance and lightnessIf you keep that in mind, nothing will go wrong! I love these tips because I get to find out what works for me and what doesn’t, effectively easing my shopping experience. If you’ve found what works for you, that’s fantastic!

Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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