Beach Essentials!


Hello! I’ve come back with a new post, a topic I’ve wanted to do for quite some time (since it’s summer here in Aus). Thank you to for suggesting the idea!


So your friend called you up for a last minute beach trip on the weekends, but you’re stuck on what to bring! Well, rest assured, I got you ^_^



My dream swimsuit has to be this DelMar one sported by Emily Ratajkowski. It’s a one piece but looks like two piece- and the mesh is to die for! A cover up is definitely an essential when shopping around the nearby stores or buying a drink at a nearby cafe, and this lace one is understated and gorgeous! Other standard pieces are sun protection glasses, a sun hat and flip flops. I love how the sequined sun hat from Neiman Marcus and diamante flip flops from M & Co add sophistication to the beach chic outfit.


In terms of skin care, you definitely you need to stock up on these essentials:

  1. Facial Sun Screen (much less oily than body sunscreen)
  2. Scrunchie hair tie (it’s much less damaging to wet hair)
  3. Water bottle (fill it with water, juice or coconut water!)
  4. Body Sun Screen (make sure you reapply every 2 hours no matter what SPF because sweat and sea water wipes it off.)
  5. SPF lip balm (yes, lips need protection too!)
  6. Waterproof eyeliner (an essential if you’re obsessed with eyeliner)
  7. Summer Fragrance (if the smell of the beach and or sweat irks you)
  8. Beach Towel (duh.)

I love this multi-strap beach bag from Vix but any tote bag should do!

to do

Hmm.. what to do… what to do! Here are a few essentials that you might consider!

  • Bring a kindle! A kindle is much lighter than carrying several books.
  • Bring a camera! I prefer retro cameras more, but digital cameras are quick and easy!
  • Bring a Journal! I remember going to the beach and saw a guy writing what I assume to be thoughtful notes and drawing a few sketches. The beach never lacks in inspiration 🙂
  • Magazine! I prefer physical copies because I love the photographic clarity in the pages, however subscribing via your kindle is very common!
  • Snack? I would personally buy a snack at the \cafes near the beach because of convenience, however, a little homemade fruit salad or muesli won’t hurt!.
  • Your phone. I know only a few people who ditch their phone at home for a relaxing day at the beach, notification free. However, if you’d like to browse through social media and chill listening to your favourite playlist- don’t forget to bring it along with a pair of headphones!

And that’s it! I hope you found this post helpful for your next beach trip. If you’re looking for a  beach holiday getaway, don’t forget to check out vacation rentals in Florida, US thanks to!

Have a great day!

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30 things to do on NYE day


My best friend and I wanted to do something on New Year’s Eve, but alas- not turning 18 limited our options. We weren’t old enough so we could hang out at night and party it away like other teens do lol. We were also low on cash so we couldn’t go all out, and a majority of our friends were too busy and weren’t allowed to go out either.

The only time we had to hang was 11am to 5pm, and well it’s not exactly eventful to do something “NYE” themed with such a boring time. So, me being inventive, put my thinking cap on and thought of a small bucket list (similar to the New Year’s Eve rom-com lol) that we could complete on NYE, as a way to do things we’ve never done instead of waiting for 2017.

So, here are all suggestions (day appealing) that I could muster after a long period of researching that you may like!

  1. Go intimates shopping
  2. Confess to a person you or your friend had fallen in love with
  3. Eaten something you have never eaten before (our one would be an acai bowl)
  4. Take photos in a photo booth
  5. Shop around in a vintage/thrift store
  6. Watch the sunrise together
  7.  Take a class in something you’ve never done
  8.  Change your hairstyle
  9.  Donate the largest sum of money you can to your favourite charity
  10. Perform a random act of kindness
  11. Make a time capsule/scrapbook
  12. Go on a hiking trip/nature trail
  13. Spa date?
  14. Go to a fair
  15. Wear a lot of temporary tattoos for the fun of it
  16.  Explore a place in the city that you’ve never been before
  17. Shop around in a market
  18. Wear outfits you and your friend have never dared to wear
  19. Clean out each of your wardrobes
  20. Try a new cafe
  21. Go on a home decor haul
  22. Polaroid photo shoot (or a photo set for polaroid-less people)!
  23. Learn a few phrases of another language
  24. Shoot a vlog
  25. Check out museums you’ve never been to
  27. Sport a daring makeup look
  28. Cook a recipe you’ve never attempted
  29. Go on a picnic
  30. Overcome a fear of yours.

And that’s all I could find which were suitable! Hopefully, it gave you inspiration, what are you doing NYE?

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5 YouTube channels to get your mind off things

Ever since the election, my mind hasn’t been the same since. If you’re currently stressing from exams or worries and need to get your mind off things, these channels help me loads!

Game Theory

MatPat’s energetic voice and his editor’s spectacular work make it such an informative yet thrilling experience to watch! If you’re into stirring up fan theories about games such as FNAF, Mario, Minecraft and more based on scientific and historical research- this is the perfect channel for you! I’m not completely into games, but after every episode I always learn something new about the world and make a note to myself to play the games he theorises about.


Michael Stevens is truly one of a kind. If you haven’t discovered him yet, he talks about a lot of science and history to answer the most burning questions, such as “Is it okay to touch Mars?” and “Would headlights work at light speed?”. What I love about him is that he drifts from the topic throughout the video while also answering the questions the best he could- so you get to learn a lot more than you figured you would! He’s so amazing at what he does, everytime I watch a video from him it always leaves me inspired!


This adorable shouty man never fails to liven me up when I’m down. Sean plays such unique and interesting games that I’m completely immersed during the gameplay. He has a really funny personality which keeps you coming back and you should definitely check out one of his playthroughs!

Nostalgia Critic

I found this channel recently and I swear, it’s one I keep coming back to. Nostalgia Critic reviews classic films such as “Independence Day” or “Jurassic Park” and not only exposes the repetitive tropes and cliches films use, but does it in such a funny manner I can’t help but laugh and make a note to watch that film. I strongly recommend watching him review the Shyamalan films!


If you’re looking for your daily dose of randomness, GMM has got you hooked. Their videos change every day and range from “Will it Smoothie?” to “Weirdest Sounds on The Planet”. Their videos never fail to make me laugh and the GMM crew don’t deserve enough credit for their amazing work in putting the show together.

And that’s it! Have you seen these channels before? What is your favourite channel to unwind?

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Dress up as a MEME for Halloween. Seriously.

Halloween is approaching, so I stirred up a few last minute looks you already have in your wardrobe! I thought I’d take a unique spin on the holiday by making this post meme-themed.
If you know me in real life, you know I love memes, I actually dressed up as Rick Astley for a school event! So, if you love memes as much as I do, here are four looks you may want to consider.
He’s the man you can count on. He’ll never give you up and he sure as hell will never let you down. I made sure not to let you down by creating two looks for those who may not own a tan coat or vice versa! (the segway was an opportunity I couldn’t miss)
Rick Astley- Halloween


Just wear it, nothing is impossible. Just wear it, yesterday you said tomorrow. Just wear it. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. I added the  beauty blender and mascara so you could add a stiple effect to fake a scruffy beard. More points for the dedication!
To add to the meme, I highly suggest you purchase a metre of bright green fabric. It’s really cheap, a cotton fabric should only cut you $2-$3 max. Then, on the day- simply drape it behind you and do your best Shia Labeouf impression. Ta- da!
Shia LaBeouf- Halloween

Also, check it this cool remix by Schmoyoho if you haven’t. The meme is beautiful in this songified version.

3) Petty Skai Jackson
We’ve all seen the petty meme. Let your inner spiteful personality shine with this simple costume. Any simple blue bodycon will do!
Petty Skai Jackson- Halloween


why the f--- you lying- halloween costume

Mhmm oh my god. This is possibly my favorite outfit ever and no, I’m not lying. Simply unbutton the top and slip on a pair of male boxers under those light wash jeans and you’re ready to go.

And that’s it for today 🙂 I had tonnes of fun making this, HSC exams are really killing my soul haha.
What meme would you dress up as?
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Survival Guide: Being Sick

Ahh the dreaded cold. Yes, I am sick. Again. The combination of putting off working out, not eating as much and staying up super late to study has culminated into the most bothersome state of being. To be honest, I had no idea what to write about today, the only motivation I had was my itchy fingers earnestly ready to type something. So, here’s a little survival guide on being sick from little old me, I hope you like it! Also, if you’re sick- comment down below!

Go To Outfits

When You Gotta Head Out The Door

Here I’ve picked the ideal outfit for when you’re down with a cold- something comfortable, yet still stylish so you avoid walking out with your sweatpants and tissues stuffed up your nose (Yes I know you want to but resist the urge!) . Normally when I’m sick, I make sure to go for something loose and dark coloured to suit my moody self, so here I’ve chosen a warm cropped grey sweater and a dark green duster coat to ensure warmth and replicate that oh so cosy couch you’re missing. I paired it off with faux leather leggings to add a different texture and contrast to the loose pieces of the outfit and the messenger bag and glasses to add that nerdy quirky touch. Didn’t add it here, but you can top it off with converse or ankle booties and you’re good to go. Also bring an extra tissue box.

When You’re Cosying Up @ Home

I made this set for fun, but this is the best outfit to wear when you’re at home. Snuggling with sweatpants, sweaters, slippers (ooh alliteration and euphony!) and a mug, while chilling with your box of tissues and hand sanitizer. Best thing ever. Also, do you like the sassiness of the outfit? Especially that mug- stay away from me while I’m sick haha.

Favourite Soups

I did a quick search on to see what soups look great and meals that will definitely inspire you. I’ll definitely try some of them once I get a little better (especially the chicken soup)! If you’re interested, click on the subheadings and it will take you directly to the website.

Smashing Pumpkin Soup

Soothing Chicken Soup

Miso, Tofu and Noodle Soup

Things To Do

I’ve collated a brief list of things to do to keep my mind off my cold. If you have any more, tell me below!
  • Podcasts while knitting (My favourite podcast right now is Sword and Scale but Welcome to Night Vale and Serial are great ones too!)
  • Watching YouTube Gamers- they’re so lively and enthusiastic, it always brings a smile on my face. I’m loving Pewdiepie and JackSepticEye.
  • Creating Polyvore sets- when I’m relaxing in bed, there’s nothing better than searching up fashion inspiration and finding out new fashion trends in the Polyvore community. If you haven’t made an account, you’re missing out!
  • Catching up on TV Shows- I’ve been so behind on TV shows and I really need to catch up. I really enjoy Blacklist, Elementary, American Horror Story and Scream Queens.


Here are a few tips that might be obvious but may need to be reminded!

  • Sleep early- try packing in at least 8 hours of sleep. Get up early too!
  • Don’t work your self out, relax and don’t exert too much energy.
  • Honey and Lemon tea can help for your throat, also try Strepsils lozenges!
  • Always throw away tissues, it reduces germs on your work space (while I’m typing this, I see a used tissue beside my left hand)
  • Use hand sanitizer/ wash your hands frequently- especially after blowing your nose and before eating!
  • Stay warm- blow out your hair after showering, sip soups and drink warm tea.
  • Drink juices and sip veggie soups for a quick recovery
  • Avoid oily/junk food- they kill your throat!
  • Drink loads and loads of water- you need at least 8 glasses of water of course!

That is all I have for today. If you have any more tips, list them below! Have a great week.

A 24 hr Summer Adventure in Sydney!

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have only 24 hours to do what ever you want in Sydney? The only problem is, you might have no idea where to go! Well have no fear because I’m here to save the day, thanks to EventBrite (an event organising site)!

Here we go!


We start off the day in Bondi. Grab a hearty breakfast at Ruby’s Diner – an adorable vintage – aesthetic café with absolutely amazing food! I love the eggs and coffee there 🙂


Then we hike to pump up the heat (before the agonising humidity at 1pm of course) from Bondi Beach to Watsons Bay, the views are breathtakingly gorgeous and the sea air will do you good! In my opinion, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy the coastal view! By the way, the sandstone cliffs and sapphire waters make the best Instagram/tumblr photos (may I recommend filter ‘C1’ in VSCO Cam for these images?)


Watsons Bay & Vaucluse

Once you’ve reached the Watsons Bay area, travel to the Vaucluse House– a historical Victorian style mansion packed with precious artefacts and beautiful architecture. It was such a wonderful learning experience about William Charles Wentworth and his family, also the rooms were restored to perfection- it felt like I travelled back in time!


After that, visit the Vaucluse Tea Rooms for lunch, you must be exhausted! No joke, it made me feel kinda like a princess, the openness of the cafe and the nature surrounding it was glorious. The dining experience is also exceptional, may I suggest the chips with rosemary and thyme salt? So filling!


After filling your stomach with goodness, take a walk to Shark Beach. The beach features family friendly picnic areas and a huge shark net, but have no fear- sharks are extremely rare. Before you take out your swimsuit though, make sure to take the Hermitage Foreshore Track at Nielsen Park! It was really a once in a life time experience, the million dollar views of the skyline made it worth it!

Then, and ONLY then, may you cool off at Shark Beach!


 Once you’re done swimming, head to Watsons Bay Wharf (the nearest bus stop should take you there) ,you’ve got a Circular Quay ferry to catch!

 Circular Quay

When you’ve finally arrived on the wharf, the first thing you’ll notice is the enormous Sydney Harbour Bridge and the spectacular Sydney Opera House! Help yourself to dinner at East Bank (Café, Bar, Pizzeria), and after you’re finished you can check out the exteriors of the Sydney Opera House close by!


Milsons Point

Once all the dishes have been wiped clean and you’ve done enough sightseeing at CQ, catch a train to Milsons Point, where the amusement park fun begins! Luna Park will only be a few minutes away from the train station, and once you’re there, purchase a ticket to ride on all the rides you’d want (I suggest ‘unlimited’ )while being rewarded with a beautiful view of the harbour! My favourite one is the ferris wheel, it looks so magical at night!


Town Hall

If you’re still not tired (and most likely still feeling the adrenaline) head to Town Hall for the best little restaurants and bars! Late night Chinese food is always a good idea, so walk your way to Golden Century for some healing congee goodness!
You will have most likely passed out from exhaustion at this point. However, if you’re still adamant on pursuing Sydney’s night life, I have two more places for you!

Still in Town Hall, head to the  K1 Karaoke Lounge if you’re into singing! I love the pink and blue light theme 🙂


 Then, chill at the Star Bar to end the day peacefully, the glamorous modern appeal of the bar makes it the best place to be at night!


And that’s it! Thanks again to  EventBrite for the idea! Have you visited any of these places yet? Any places you’d like to suggest?



12 NYC/Parisian- esque Furnishings

nyc & paris apartment deco

There is something I adore about the NYC/ Parisian style. It’s minimalistic, with natural rustic elements and few structural geometric/structural pieces to create a simple foundation for the fun quirky colours and prints.
Usually when I think of Paris, I think of femineity, natural and vintage pieces. So for the Parisian influences, I’ve added a traditional nude quilted lounge chair, an antique inspired clock, the vase of flowers, faux fur rug and the wooden table.

When I think of NYC, I have ideas of geometric lines, innovation and fun pops of colour/quotes. I recreate it here with the marquee light, the gold plate, the canvas art piece, the geometric light, the tartan throw blanket and the mug.

The white bowl of raspberries were optional, I just liked the simplicity of the bowl and the pop of fruit hehehe.

And that’s it! This is how I would hopefully dress up my dream apartment! What pieces have you been loving lately?