5 Selena Gomez looks you can recreate

Selena Marie Gomez is a very talented woman, and no doubt her style is envied. I love how it’s mature, down-right cool and also comfortable af. As there are many many SG looks , I’ll only feature 5 of my personal favourites. Here we go!

Look #1- Paris Fashion Week




Look #2- Airport


Look #3- Radio Interview


Look #4- Airport pt 2


Look #5- Out in da streets


Which looks will you be trying out?

Have an awesome day ūüôā

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Beach Essentials!


Hello! I’ve come back with a new post, a topic I’ve wanted to do for quite some time (since it’s summer here in Aus). Thank you to Tripping.com for suggesting the idea!


So your friend called you up for a last minute beach trip on the weekends, but you’re stuck on what to bring! Well, rest assured, I got you ^_^



My dream swimsuit has to be this DelMar one sported by Emily Ratajkowski. It’s a one piece but looks like two piece- and the mesh is to die for! A cover up is definitely an essential when shopping around the nearby stores or buying a drink at a nearby cafe, and this lace one is understated and gorgeous! Other standard pieces are sun protection glasses, a sun hat and flip flops. I love how the sequined sun hat from Neiman Marcus and diamante flip flops from M & Co add sophistication to the beach chic outfit.


In terms of skin care, you definitely you need to stock up on these essentials:

  1. Facial Sun Screen (much less oily than body sunscreen)
  2. Scrunchie hair tie (it’s much less damaging to wet hair)
  3. Water bottle (fill it with water, juice or coconut water!)
  4. Body Sun Screen (make sure you reapply every 2 hours no matter what SPF because sweat and sea water wipes it off.)
  5. SPF lip balm (yes, lips need protection too!)
  6. Waterproof eyeliner (an essential if you’re obsessed with eyeliner)
  7. Summer Fragrance (if the smell of the beach and or sweat irks you)
  8. Beach Towel (duh.)

I love this multi-strap beach bag from Vix but any tote bag should do!

to do

Hmm.. what to do… what to do! Here are a few essentials that you¬†might consider!

  • Bring a kindle! A kindle is much lighter than carrying several books.
  • Bring a camera! I prefer retro cameras more, but digital cameras are quick and easy!
  • Bring a Journal!¬†I remember going to the beach and saw a guy writing what I assume to be thoughtful notes and drawing a few sketches. The beach never lacks in inspiration ūüôā
  • Magazine! I prefer physical copies because I love the photographic clarity in the pages, however subscribing via your kindle is very common!
  • Snack?¬†I would personally buy a snack at the \cafes near the beach because of convenience, however, a little homemade fruit salad or muesli won’t hurt!.
  • Your phone. I know only a few people who ditch their phone at home for a relaxing day at the beach, notification free. However, if you’d like to browse through social media and chill listening to your favourite playlist- don’t forget to bring it along with a pair of headphones!

And that’s it! I hope you found this post helpful for your next beach trip. If you’re looking for a ¬†beach holiday getaway, don’t forget to check out vacation rentals in Florida, US¬†thanks to Tripping.com!

Have a great day!

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5 Celeb Party Dresses I’m Obsessed With & Hiatus

Good evening!

I’m extremely sorry for the long hiatus. A lot of things are happening in my life right now- it’s kind of insane. I just enrolled in a Digital and Social Media/ Journalism degree and I’m about to be studying a Diploma of Languages (French to be exact). I’m also beginning my first-year post high school and to my shock- I’m currently dating someone so spectacular that I’m extremely lucky to have such a gorgeous, intelligent and well-spoken lady in my life.

However, the challenge of finding a part-time job still exists and it… hasn’t been great for my social life. Hopefully, future Helen finds a job lol

OKAY. Enough with the updates, let’s get to it.

Selegend Gomez


Selena looks absolutely amazing in this red Dior dress for the premiere of her film “Rudderless”. It’s such a unique cut for a satin dress, and I love how it’s form fitting but poofs dramatically at the skirt of the dress, so cute!

Kendall Jenner


A number of copycats I’ve seen of Kendall’s 21st birthday dress has been uncountable. ¬†The¬†LaBourjoisie dress features bedazzling sequins, with a cowl neck design very similar to Paris Hilton’s 21st birthday dress. I love how light-weight it looks with its low plunge, flowy fabric, and small sequins. It also looks like a modernized ’20s’ dress which is so clever!

Gigi Hadid


Gigi’s Adam Selman dress is different from Kendall’s, with a rectangular neck and a circular beaded appearance. I love how multicoloured it appears in the light sometimes, and how it looks more “mature” with the slight shimmery effect. Love it.

Kylie Jenner


I remember as soon as she wore this Balmain dress, thousands of cut out bandage dresses exactly like this starting popping up. ¬†I like how it’s an even racier version of the classic bandage dress, but takes it easy with the conservative “just above the knee” length. I also really love the shimmery glossy lustre on the dress, it adds a subtle hint of glamour!

Emily Ratajkowski


Long satin dresses may be all the rage, but this short Saint Laurent dress is cute af! I love the spaghetti strap design on the back of the dress and the shimmery gold shade. The neckline isn’t exactly a ¬†cowl neckline¬†but very similar which adds to the uniqueness. Love it!

What is your favourite celeb party dress? Tell me below!

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Photoshoot Plan #1: Autumnal Warmth

I love fashion photography, but I rarely do photoshoots because of how expensive the equipment is, the amount of clothes that need to be purchased and my downright awkwardness in shooting in public.

So, I thought it’d be a really creative idea for me to pretend to plan for a photoshoot I may or may not potentially do in the future. It was fun experimenting with a few looks and collating a mood board together- I hope you enjoy reading through it!

Also, I have no damn idea why I’m preparing for a fall shoot when it’s 30 degrees celsius right now.


It doesn’t get any more autumnal than this y’all. Shout out to Jack Terrence Nugent for a bomb playlist and the ‘Now You See It’ YouTube Channel for suggesting it.

Get ready for a cozy musical experience fam.

Mood Board

Pictures collected from tumblr (except for nyx lip creme swatches)


Hair and Makeup Look


For the fall theme, I liked the idea of warm tones on the face, hence the contouring, bronzer and rouge blush. I loved the subtle pink and orange tones of the eyeshadow which works so well with the warm liquid lipsticks. For the hair, ¬†I was obsessed with Bella’s hair and wanted to recreate the voluminous wavy look with slight waves, even though a voluminous head of curls (√† la Selena Gomez Revival Tour ) would also be a fun look.

Look #1- Cafe


When I think of a cafe, I immediately think of study (lmao). I kept it bookworm chic with a backpack and a black textured high neck sweater paired with an orange/tan a-line skirt. To add a bit of edginess to the outfit I added thigh high boots since not a lot of walking will be done. Not gonna lie- it’s one of my favourites.

Look #2- Park


I wouldn’t normally choose a peter pan collared dress, but for the sake of fall- why not. The dark brown long sleeved cardigan and the camera bag add to the “school girl aesthetic” without being¬†too¬†girly. The black booties have a low heel to help with the walking and the round glasses, watch and leaf ring add elements of chicness to the outfit. I also really love the orange-red lip, which makes a statement in contrast to the dark coloured outfit.

Look #3- Market


Low heel black booties are a given when you’re ¬†walking so there’s that. The overalls combine with the shoes to create a black base, then I simply added autumnal tones to the outfit such as a red beret, orange/tan scarf and a light brown sweater. To keep it simple, I added a few gold accents and a dark nude lipstick.

Look #4- Biking


Fun fact- I can’t ride a bicycle lol, they still look cute,though! Fall would not be complete without flannel- so a v-neck long sleeved top would be perfect as it’s relaxed yet still a little sexy. Jeans are a given when riding a bike so I chose a black distressed pair to show off the top’s plaid print. Any sneakers would do fine, so I chose converse and a backpack was a given anyway (imagine riding a bike with a tote lmao). Then, I simply added gold accents and a berry lip to add autumnal chicness to the outfit.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading the post. Have a lovely day.

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Day to Night Look: Gold Jewellery Edition

I haven’t done a ‘day to night’ transition look in a long time, ¬†so when I was recently inspired by ¬†Aurate¬†in creating the perfect day to night ensemble with their gorgeous gold jewellery (seriously I was floored by how unique the designs were) I couldn’t wait! I’ll leave links to the jewellery and briefly summarise the outfits below.




Damn, those bagels look goooood. First, I started off with a simple base, denim boyfriend jeans, grey suede pumps, a cropped leather jacket and to edge it up a bit- a lace bralette. To make sure this outfit is as laid back as it can be, I accessorised with a tan knot clutch and minimalist onyx ring, earrings and a necklace. The small sized black stone jewellery blends seamlessly into the outfit. This would be perfect for a coffee or brunch date.






Twilight arrives and the outfit begins to get chicer for cocktails. The leather jacket comes off, and the accessories pile on. A smokey bold eye with a nude lip never goes wrong, and paired with gold accessories is a match made in heaven. I love the metallic geometric clutch, which contrasts so nicely with the femininity of the lace bralette. This was a great opportunity to try out unique pieces, so without hesitation, the pyramid ear cuff and open rings were a no-brainer. However, tying in with the glamorous theme, I kept it classic with the flower and pearl motifs.

Ear cuffs


Pearl ring

Flower ring

It’s amazing how an outfit can be taken from day to night simply by pairing it with the right makeup and accessories- perfect for the busy woman. I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for taking the time to read this!

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Wishlist 2


I had loads of fun making up my previous one so I decided to bust out another post! This wishlist is strangely¬†fall related, but the rainy weather today excuses that ūüôā This time I still wanted to focus on some classics but added in a few guilty splurges like the crop top, ¬†jewellery and the red dress.

(left to right)

  1. ruby stud earrings
  2. grey bodysuit
  3. bronze heels
  4. plaid plunge blouse
  5. gold snake ring
  6. blue denim a-line skirt
  7. leather leggings
  8. grey cardigan
  9. grey overalls
  10. red pleated a-line skirt
  11. grey sweat pants
  12. black plunge crop top

What are your current favourites?

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Wishlist #1

It’s been a while since I had a closet revival, so my mind wandered towards these classics which I don’t have.

Left to right

  1. wrap envelope skirt
  2. blazer
  3. cropped leather jacket
  4. boyfriend jeans
  5. high waisted shorts
  6. v-neck white tee
  7. cap (spring/summer hat)
  8. beret (winter/autumn hat)
  9. metal frame dorky glasses
  10. black sunglasses
  11. black tote bag
  12. black ankle boots


What fashion item/s have you been obsessing over this season?

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