5 Celeb Party Dresses I’m Obsessed With & Hiatus

Good evening!

I’m extremely sorry for the long hiatus. A lot of things are happening in my life right now- it’s kind of insane. I just enrolled in a Digital and Social Media/ Journalism degree and I’m about to be studying a Diploma of Languages (French to be exact). I’m also beginning my first-year post high school and to my shock- I’m currently dating someone so spectacular that I’m extremely lucky to have such a gorgeous, intelligent and well-spoken lady in my life.

However, the challenge of finding a part-time job still exists and it… hasn’t been great for my social life. Hopefully, future Helen finds a job lol

OKAY. Enough with the updates, let’s get to it.

Selegend Gomez


Selena looks absolutely amazing in this red Dior dress for the premiere of her film “Rudderless”. It’s such a unique cut for a satin dress, and I love how it’s form fitting but poofs dramatically at the skirt of the dress, so cute!

Kendall Jenner


A number of copycats I’ve seen of Kendall’s 21st birthday dress has been uncountable.  The LaBourjoisie dress features bedazzling sequins, with a cowl neck design very similar to Paris Hilton’s 21st birthday dress. I love how light-weight it looks with its low plunge, flowy fabric, and small sequins. It also looks like a modernized ’20s’ dress which is so clever!

Gigi Hadid


Gigi’s Adam Selman dress is different from Kendall’s, with a rectangular neck and a circular beaded appearance. I love how multicoloured it appears in the light sometimes, and how it looks more “mature” with the slight shimmery effect. Love it.

Kylie Jenner


I remember as soon as she wore this Balmain dress, thousands of cut out bandage dresses exactly like this starting popping up.  I like how it’s an even racier version of the classic bandage dress, but takes it easy with the conservative “just above the knee” length. I also really love the shimmery glossy lustre on the dress, it adds a subtle hint of glamour!

Emily Ratajkowski


Long satin dresses may be all the rage, but this short Saint Laurent dress is cute af! I love the spaghetti strap design on the back of the dress and the shimmery gold shade. The neckline isn’t exactly a  cowl neckline but very similar which adds to the uniqueness. Love it!

What is your favourite celeb party dress? Tell me below!

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