30 things to do on NYE day


My best friend and I wanted to do something on New Year’s Eve, but alas- not turning 18 limited our options. We weren’t old enough so we could hang out at night and party it away like other teens do lol. We were also low on cash so we couldn’t go all out, and a majority of our friends were too busy and weren’t allowed to go out either.

The only time we had to hang was 11am to 5pm, and well it’s not exactly eventful to do something “NYE” themed with such a boring time. So, me being inventive, put my thinking cap on and thought of a small bucket list (similar to the New Year’s Eve rom-com lol) that we could complete on NYE, as a way to do things we’ve never done instead of waiting for 2017.

So, here are all suggestions (day appealing) that I could muster after a long period of researching that you may like!

  1. Go intimates shopping
  2. Confess to a person you or your friend had fallen in love with
  3. Eaten something you have never eaten before (our one would be an acai bowl)
  4. Take photos in a photo booth
  5. Shop around in a vintage/thrift store
  6. Watch the sunrise together
  7.  Take a class in something you’ve never done
  8.  Change your hairstyle
  9.  Donate the largest sum of money you can to your favourite charity
  10. Perform a random act of kindness
  11. Make a time capsule/scrapbook
  12. Go on a hiking trip/nature trail
  13. Spa date?
  14. Go to a fair
  15. Wear a lot of temporary tattoos for the fun of it
  16.  Explore a place in the city that you’ve never been before
  17. Shop around in a market
  18. Wear outfits you and your friend have never dared to wear
  19. Clean out each of your wardrobes
  20. Try a new cafe
  21. Go on a home decor haul
  22. Polaroid photo shoot (or a photo set for polaroid-less people)!
  23. Learn a few phrases of another language
  24. Shoot a vlog
  25. Check out museums you’ve never been to
  27. Sport a daring makeup look
  28. Cook a recipe you’ve never attempted
  29. Go on a picnic
  30. Overcome a fear of yours.

And that’s all I could find which were suitable! Hopefully, it gave you inspiration, what are you doing NYE?

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