5 YouTube channels to get your mind off things

Ever since the election, my mind hasn’t been the same since. If you’re currently stressing from exams or worries and need to get your mind off things, these channels help me loads!

Game Theory

MatPat’s energetic voice and his editor’s spectacular work make it such an informative yet thrilling experience to watch! If you’re into stirring up fan theories about games such as FNAF, Mario, Minecraft and more based on scientific and historical research- this is the perfect channel for you! I’m not completely into games, but after every episode I always learn something new about the world and make a note to myself to play the games he theorises about.


Michael Stevens is truly one of a kind. If you haven’t discovered him yet, he talks about a lot of science and history to answer the most burning questions, such as “Is it okay to touch Mars?” and “Would headlights work at light speed?”. What I love about him is that he drifts from the topic throughout the video while also answering the questions the best he could- so you get to learn a lot more than you figured you would! He’s so amazing at what he does, everytime I watch a video from him it always leaves me inspired!


This adorable shouty man never fails to liven me up when I’m down. Sean plays such unique and interesting games that I’m completely immersed during the gameplay. He has a really funny personality which keeps you coming back and you should definitely check out one of his playthroughs!

Nostalgia Critic

I found this channel recently and I swear, it’s one I keep coming back to. Nostalgia Critic reviews classic films such as “Independence Day” or “Jurassic Park” and not only exposes the repetitive tropes and cliches films use, but does it in such a funny manner I can’t help but laugh and make a note to watch that film. I strongly recommend watching him review the Shyamalan films!


If you’re looking for your daily dose of randomness, GMM has got you hooked. Their videos change every day and range from “Will it Smoothie?” to “Weirdest Sounds on The Planet”. Their videos never fail to make me laugh and the GMM crew don’t deserve enough credit for their amazing work in putting the show together.

And that’s it! Have you seen these channels before? What is your favourite channel to unwind?

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