Favourite Pieces: Daya By Zendaya Collection

When I heard Zendaya was releasing a plus size inclusive, reasonably priced clothing line I knew I had to check it out! The collection is true to Zendaya’s style- luxe, rebellious and eye catching all in itself. I quickly hopped onto the website and found myself in a literal fashion dreamland. Some were a bit too extreme for my taste, but some where just too perfect to scroll over! So without further ado, here are my favourite picks so far!

Cropped Tuxedo Blazer


This minimalist classic blazer was something I could not simply pass up. Looks so smooth, I could rub my face against the satin-like lapels! I also really like the look of the vinyl pants as shown in the picture, but I’m not entirely sure they’d be functional.

Scuba Lace Up Dress


I love contemporary takes on mini dresses and this takes the cake. Zendaya’s designs are so unique and this is no exception, I’ve never seen a dress with lace ups on the sides! So avant-garde!

Tuxedo Romper


I’ve seen tuxedo dresses, but a romper is even better- functionality of course! Menswear inspired is a trend I’ve been loving so far, and the unique pocket and set of buttons makes the piece so alluring to look at! It’d look so cute for a night out with a pair of pumps and a red lip!

Velvet Blazer


Velvet is back with full force and I’m LOVING it. The re-modelling of a wardrobe classic with a luxe velvet fabric is a brilliant idea! I also really love the velvet pants that go with this blazer so check that out too.

Vinyl Bustier Dress


As you can tell from my latest 80’s fashion appreciation post, vinyl is my addiction, and anything bustier is my new best friend. Not only is it above the knee so it’s great for petites, it’s down right sexy and would look gorgeous on a night out!

Lace Bodysuit


Last but not least, this lace body suit slays my existence. Body suits are my new obsession as well, it’s just so functional- you don’t have to tuck shirts in anymore, and it gives a effortless tailored look! It’s sheer and daring, but the long flared sleeves keep it elegant.


Overall, it was an amazing sight to behold and I can’t wait for more designs from Zendaya! Her style has this modern elegance meets avant-garde and I can’t get enough. It’s amazing that a celebrity such as her is so inclusive through out her brand, I was pleasantly surprised to see a mixture of black, white and asian models on the site! The inclusive plus sizing is fantastic and once again, the prices are reasonable- if I could, I’d definitely purchase at least one piece. Love her and this collection to bits!

Will you be checking out her collection?

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