Dress up as a MEME for Halloween. Seriously.

Halloween is approaching, so I stirred up a few last minute looks you already have in your wardrobe! I thought I’d take a unique spin on the holiday by making this post meme-themed.
If you know me in real life, you know I love memes, I actually dressed up as Rick Astley for a school event! So, if you love memes as much as I do, here are four looks you may want to consider.
He’s the man you can count on. He’ll never give you up and he sure as hell will never let you down. I made sure not to let you down by creating two looks for those who may not own a tan coat or vice versa! (the segway was an opportunity I couldn’t miss)
Rick Astley- Halloween


Just wear it, nothing is impossible. Just wear it, yesterday you said tomorrow. Just wear it. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. I added the  beauty blender and mascara so you could add a stiple effect to fake a scruffy beard. More points for the dedication!
To add to the meme, I highly suggest you purchase a metre of bright green fabric. It’s really cheap, a cotton fabric should only cut you $2-$3 max. Then, on the day- simply drape it behind you and do your best Shia Labeouf impression. Ta- da!
Shia LaBeouf- Halloween

Also, check it this cool remix by Schmoyoho if you haven’t. The meme is beautiful in this songified version.

3) Petty Skai Jackson
We’ve all seen the petty meme. Let your inner spiteful personality shine with this simple costume. Any simple blue bodycon will do!
Petty Skai Jackson- Halloween


why the f--- you lying- halloween costume

Mhmm oh my god. This is possibly my favorite outfit ever and no, I’m not lying. Simply unbutton the top and slip on a pair of male boxers under those light wash jeans and you’re ready to go.

And that’s it for today 🙂 I had tonnes of fun making this, HSC exams are really killing my soul haha.
What meme would you dress up as?
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