French It Girls: Louise Follain and Jeanne Damas

Louise Follain
Jeanne Damas.jpg
Jeanne Damas

Note: I’m currently aware that one of the photos is Louise Damas. Apologies!

Currently inspired by French fashion due to Paris Fashion Week. So, in the most Helen way possible, I decided to put together two collages of my favourite it girls in fashion right now, in particular Parisian fashion. There is something I love about these two ladies, their liveliness, quirkiness and appreciation of retro and minimalist fashion is something I too adore. Also on a side note, aren’t these photos amazing? I may be an amateur photographer, but seeing some of these photos makes me wish I was the one who took them/wishes I was as photogenic as these ladies. *swoons*

Ahh the horrifying realization that my end of year exams (HSC) are looming closer and closer continues to tear apart my mentality. Luckily these posts ensure I don’t die out of creativity. Alas, have a lovely night and I’ll see you next time.

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