80’s Badass Fashion


I recently listened to The Weeknd’s “Starboy”, and let me tell you. This track is ON FIRE. So 80’s retro and utterly groovy due to the Daft Punk collaboration. I’m not going to spoil it for you, so check it out here! Comment what you think about the track!

Anyway, while obsessing over this work of art, I really admired  Grant Singer’s directing  work on the music video. The bad ass 80’s vibe in the clip was thrilling to watch and felt just like a movie! It was dark and sexy, complimenting perfectly with The Weeknd’s vocals.

It got me wondering in fact, what fashion pieces would go well with that sultry 80’s vibe? So, to answer that very question,  I’ve gathered some research on 80’s fashion and made a Polyvore set.

Obviously, not all 80’s trendy pieces were… “sexy”. Searching ’80s fashion’ in google images would mostly come up with baggy sportswear and eccentric rainbow tights. So, I’ve decided to only select a few traditionally 80’s pieces that would look chic in the modern day.

Untitled #67

My quick research on the sexy chic 80’s were as follows!

  • Madonna was the main female icon of the 80s. I channeled this with the red lip, smokey eye, biker jacket, tulle skirt, fishnet tights and white bustier crop top.
  • The textures mainly dominating the 80s are leather, lace, mink, velvet and tweed. 
  • Colours favoured in the 80s were Gold, copper, brass, plum, wine, black.
  • Women wearing menswear was popular during this time due to the heightened presence of women entering the workforce.

And that’s it for today! I hope y’all are having a fantastic night. I’m constantly inspired by retro fashion and it’s amazing how these pieces still inspire fashion designers and modern trends. What was your favorite era of fashion?

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