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At this point in time it is currently a Friday night (morning to be exact) at 1:25 am. I had just finished publishing my bralette post here and was ready to slip into bed until… I noticed something on the side of my blog page.

HOLY SHIT. I’ve been blogging on this site for a year now.

My one year old baby! I began posting on the 9th of August 2015 on this particular site, and even if it’s technically only the 6th of August, it’s been quite a surreal experience this past year.

Ups and downs, I’ve recorded on this blog. My creative highlights, my depressing moments- all reproduced in my most artsy try hard shitty yet authentic style.

Thank you so much for following, liking and reading my posts. Despite me only joining word press recently, it has been such a lovely experience and I love reading the comments I get.

Let’s look back at my last year self to er… celebrate. My first post on this blog was about myself unsurprisingly, so let me venture forth into an eternal world of cringe (yes I have a problem, I even cringe about my past yesterday self).

Reading through the post, I haven’t changed at all, which eases my nerves a bit. However there are a few changes.

My hair is a lot shorter thankfully. I’m 17 now obviously. I absolutely despise Legal and Ext Eng and currently revising my plans on becoming a stripper/lap dancer (jk. Or am I, idek anymore). I see my fashion style more as expressive than anything else, retro one day, grunge next, minimalist for a majority,  even vintage feminine one day too. So yes I haven’t exactly completely ‘transformed’, just.. evolved in a sense. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad news.

I don’t know anything about my 18 year old self. Let’s hope I’m a better person. Someone who is much happier and decisive.

Here’s to another year of creativity.

Love you guys xxx.

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