Favourite Tumblr BRALETTES

Bralettes are so versatile, elegant and sexy. Layered under a blazer, peeking through a button up blouse or on its own with a maxi skirt- there are so many ways you can wear the trendy piece.

So, because I’ve been completely enchanted by bralettes lately, I’ve made up a collection of my personal favorites! I will also link where to purchase them below 🙂 These bralettes were discovered off the #bralette tag on Tumblr. Click here to check out meh tumblr.

@chelsea_eve on Instagram

Her bra-lets are so feminine and dainty! I discovered one of hers on Tumblr and I had to find out where to get them! There are more creative designs displayed on her Instagram that are too many to insert here, so please check her out!

I haven’t linked the websites to these bralettes as she doesn’t have an online store yet, only an email. Check out her instagram for the deets!

Grace Bijoux 

First Bralette

Second Bralette

I love her interesting takes on metallic and beachy bralettes. It’s a bit pricey but definitely unique!

Oh So Lovely Intimates



There were two pieces that I loved from this site, the first being this creative digital print which looked so vibrant and summery.  I also loved the underwire cool strappy bralette as I’ve never actually seen underwire bralettes before, only flat ones that look more like crop tops. Both are spectacular and I encourage you to check out their website!

LA With Love




Their applique and floral designs are on point. The colour combinations work so beautifully together. YASSS. They’ve also got underwire bralettes so go check em out!

And that’s all for today! Tell me, what is your favourite bralette? Do you have one? I’m thinking of making a post in the future of pairings to wear with bralettes but I’m unsure right now. Thoughts?

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