8 Pieces Inspired by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Arrives In Tokyo

I’ve been adoring Selena Gomez’s looks lately, post and during her Revival Concerts! One notable style I’ve been loving is her grunge x minimalist looks, so I’ve created a quick set all about Selegend Gomez. Sorry for the short posts, I’ve been studying for trials (a long period of exams) so I don’t have enough time to create proper posts. However I do need a break time to time and I love blogging 😀


selena gomez


She loves denim, fish net, slip dresses and the leather look! Here I’ve also channeled her quirky yoko ono inspired glasses with a darker tone, her basic singlets and the iconic red lip. Selena is rocking it!
What is your favorite Gomez inspired piece? Are you going to the Revival tour? What is your favorite revival song? I’m personally torn between “Me & My Girls” and “Camouflage”!
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