10 Effortless Kendall Jenner Looks

Kendall Nicole Jenner is no doubt one of the most talked about celebrities and extremely popular in her industry, so it’s no surprise to see her model-off-duty street style looks also slaying the fashion game. Her style is effortless, tomboyish, practical and classy, while also adding an element of sexiness. Let’s dive in to my favorite looks!


Love the natural palette of pale green and brown, which looks colorful yet muted. I love her printed skirt!


Kendall keeps it simple with a white bra but pairs it up with a daring high skirt split and a statement necklace. Love how she keeps the palette minimal to contrast with the yellow strip of the skirt.


Kendall keeps it clean and sleek with her white plunge jumpsuit, paired with a popping red bold lip with a chic bag, glasses and sleek ponytail. This classic look is perfect!


What can I say, Kendall’s legs just keep on going! I love her over sized sweater and how it works well with her pointed classy pumps, a mix of high and casual fashion. Keeping her hair and rolled up sleeves on the casual side, she adds that warm pop of color with her orange tinted glasses.


This black and white look is EVERYTHING. Serving major 90’s chic, she pairs her tight off the shoulder top with choker in addition to her high waisted flowy flare pants, creating that contrast. Her aviators and loafers add an element of classiness which I adore.


Who says you can’t be cosy yet bad ass street chic at the same time? She keeps it casual through her over-sized hoodie, leather jacket, relaxed ponytail and jeans. Those studs up the ante for sure! I’m all up for the achromatic colour scheme.


HOW DOES SHE PULL OFF SATIN PJ’S AS STREET STYLE?? Her wide lapel coat and white sneakers keep it fresh of course!


Love her highlighting the interesting print with simple black sneakers, leggings and crop top.


The feminine color palette/textures contrasted with the functional white sneakers= bomb outfit for the weekend.


I like how Kendall chooses pieces that have a little quirk in them, such as these interesting trousers and statement sweater. Her grey color palette looks lovely!

And those were my favourite Kendall looks! What were your favourites?

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