June Inspiration

Twas a tiresome night in June, my limp warm body stationary and fixed on my bed, smothered beneath the blankets. My mind was wandering, somewhere. Here’s to my wanderlust day in June.


Ludwig Göransson and Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) holding hands. Love their work on Camp and Because the Internet. They look so adorable and retro in this photo, love it.

Deanna Templeton’s work is refreshing and very clever, her artsy photography of skinny dipping excels my expectations. The subjects look so graceful and natural, these were two of the shots I selected due to most shots being NSFW. My friend Lesley (her blog is here ) summed my thoughts up well, “The body doesn’t always have to be sexualised” she said. I agreed of course, after all, Nudity doesn’t always equate to sexualisation!

490tx’s Photography

I really love 490tx’s work, his black and white photos look so gloomy and classic. I saw this one while scrolling through instagram and I must say, it’s quite funny (it was champagne that she dropped on her jeans) and reignited the beauty in capturing accidents.

Kylie Jenner’s Instagram

Kylie is currently signed to Puma  and this shot is perfect. The grunge, sportswear and chic bob, Puma is doing it right!


I have this thing of tearing up all the time,  not from sadness, but because I wipe my eyes too many times, makeup irritation or because I’m tired. I looked in the mirror and saw this face and I looked just like someone punched me in the face lmao. However, it did look really dramatic and strangely cool (no this is not an everyday look).


Emily Ratajkowski looking sexy while eating cake. Goals I tell you.

I’ve just been introduced to psychedelic rock by my new favourite band, Tame Impala (psst, my suggestions are ‘the Less I Know the Better’ and ‘New Person Same Old Mistakes’). The 70’s have been a major inspiration since then and the joy and retro feel of these photos is something I’d like to recreate in my own work. Really loving the contrast of the gloomy black and white filters and the warm toned photos, however interestingly both depict intense emotions.

What has inspired you lately?

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