HOLY SHIT I’m close to 17

Emily Ratajkowski ofc

From the time I’m writing this, I’ll be 17 years old in 12 days. Holy freaking shit.

It seems like yesterday when I set foot into high school in Year 7, and now I’m a Year 12 fast approaching the HSC and deciding my university. They weren’t kidding when they said that time goes fast. Because it hella does.

It took me time to acknowledge this obvious thing.

17 years.

1.7 decades.

204 months.

6205 days.

148920 hours.

8935200 minutes.

536112000 seconds.

WOW I’ve lived for a long time. Throughout my 17 years I’ve experienced so much, and it’s hard to imagine that this is just the beginning of my adulthood. Let’s celebrate through a culmination of my experiences, bad and good.

Through out my 17 years I’ve:

  • Eaten to my heart’s content
  • Slept soundly, dreaming of magic
  • Cried so much I couldn’t breathe
  • Smiled while I was hurting inside
  • Laughed so hard I thought I’d never stop
  • Heard stories that gave me chills yet set my imagination into overdrive
  • Befriended  people who had no idea how much passion I have for them
  • Hated who I am
  • Opened my mind to things I thought were impossible
  • Nearly given up on existing
  • Compared myself to others
  • Had the warmest showers
  • Smelled the sweet homely aroma of coffee
  • Breathed on windows freshly battered with torrential rain
  • Watched cars drive by in the night
  • Held someone’s hand and felt that familiar tingle
  • Wished I would have done somethings right
  • Let someone down
  • Lifted someone up
  • Slept wishing I’d never see the dawn
  • Wanted to be surrounded with others
  • Wanted to be left alone
  • Blushed with embarrassment
  • Felt the powerful surges of curiosity
  • Hit with pangs of anger, guilt, jealousy and fear
  • (and finally) left with incredulous and speechless feelings.

Question: How old are you? Are there any notable experiences you remember in your lifetime?

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4 thoughts on “HOLY SHIT I’m close to 17

  1. ShannonAlisha

    Such a great post and sums up life. I really loved it! Also loving the newer design- I find it so much easier and more choices on wordpress compared to blogger xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just turned 16 on the 17th of May and honestly I still feel like I haven’t matured a day since I turned 12. It’s so hard to think that in two years I’m going to be an adult. I don’t wanna grow up!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed! I’m looking back at 2012 like, what? Wasn’t that last year? It is hard to imagine being an adult but alas, it is part of life and adult hood is the inevitable. Thank you for commenting!


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