Music Loves #3: Kid Cudi, Kiiara, The Chainsmokers


My choice of music has been different lately. I’ve been moving towards more Progressive House tracks and Hip Hop styles as well- if I could describe my style right now- it would be “Music you would listen to while driving a car at night”. This post is way over due, so I can’t go into detail about each track so, I’ve created an actual YouTube playlist, so you can feel free to leave this in the background while you work!

Other notable mentions which aren’t listed on  the playlist but deserve a listen are:
Kid Cudi: I love his experimental style and his rapping is on point- it’s philosophical and down to earth. Faves are “King Wizard’, “Day n Nite” and “Just What I Am”. It’s psychedelic yet relaxing, allowing the listener to really wallow in sadness yet remain hopeful about his journey to happiness, or something else for that matter. Amazing.
Childish Gambino’s:”Because the Internet”: This album is too good to express in words. His lyrics are honest and down to earth, while the beats are reflective of his depression. Similar to Kid Cudi yet more fun in some element (hence “childish”) as he stops the beat sometimes and adds a bit of commentary in his lyrics such as funny puns or allusions, therefore creating his own cheeky style. I love the introduction of science fiction in the album too, he’s quite an interesting artist.

What tracks have you been loving? What’s your favourite song from this playlist?


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