12 NYC/Parisian- esque Furnishings

nyc & paris apartment deco

There is something I adore about the NYC/ Parisian style. It’s minimalistic, with natural rustic elements and few structural geometric/structural pieces to create a simple foundation for the fun quirky colours and prints.
Usually when I think of Paris, I think of femineity, natural and vintage pieces. So for the Parisian influences, I’ve added a traditional nude quilted lounge chair, an antique inspired clock, the vase of flowers, faux fur rug and the wooden table.

When I think of NYC, I have ideas of geometric lines, innovation and fun pops of colour/quotes. I recreate it here with the marquee light, the gold plate, the canvas art piece, the geometric light, the tartan throw blanket and the mug.

The white bowl of raspberries were optional, I just liked the simplicity of the bowl and the pop of fruit hehehe.

And that’s it! This is how I would hopefully dress up my dream apartment! What pieces have you been loving lately?



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