10 Easy Father’s Day Inspo

Father’s Day is coming up soon here in Australia (Sunday September 6), so I decided to make a post of my inspiration and ideas that will hopefully inspire you as well! Some are DIY gifts, craft/decoration or recipes. Hope you enjoy sifting through them!

1) Shirt & Tie Cards
2) Instax Photo Banner

3) Cookie Jar
(couldn’t find a link to this one)

As I’ve said, I couldn’t find a link, but it’s pretty self explanatory! From what I can see, you just need your choice of fabric, a piece of black cardboard, white chalk, mason jar and cookies.

4) Message in a Mug
5) Father’s Day advent/surprise calendar
6) Antipasto Pizza
7) Portuguese-style Roast Chicken Pieces
8) A Chocolate Story!
9) 52 Reasons
(couldn’t find a link)
10) Hand warmers

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed any of these ideas, and hopefully use them for the upcoming celebration. Happy Father’s Day to everyone by the way, be sure to hug your dad! And if you are a dad yourself, make sure to have a nice relaxing day, you deserve it!

Question of the week: What will you do this Father’s day?
 xxx HML

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